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1994 Simoncini Super Record – “Miss July”

Meet Amanda Hope aka “Miss July”. When I first saw this bike she was a fork and frame zip tied together hanging from the ceiling in a vintage shop in downtown Cincinnati. I later worked tirelessly at the same shop to free her from her indoor, disassembled prison. By summer 2008 I was the owner of this frame and I started purchasing components. I wouldn’t deviate from period correct Campagnolo, and I was very interested in Ergo Shifters. This plopped me squarely in the middle of the most convoluded crossroads in Campy’s history. During the last decade of the millennium, 8 speed kept moving into lower priced groups and changed compatibility almost every time. By the mid-2000’s Campagnolo had moved its entire line of groups up to 9 speed. On top of this by 2008, 8 speed was no longer supported by Campagnolo. By 2010 I had cycled a couple thousand dollars through mismatched components that never worked well together. I was about to give up. That is when I found Miss July’s organ donor. It was a very small (51cm), very affordable mid 90s donor with a full 8 speed ergo record group in good working order. Some of the bits were a little rough around the edges, but I’ve always been under the impression that bikes were built to have the piss ridden out of them (especially the nice ones). From there it wasn’t all easy sailing. There were still bits and pieces that were specific to frame and era that had to be tracked down or fabbed up. Today Miss July runs flawlessly and is an absolute joy to travel on. I often say that she is the nicest thing that I own.

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