Motorcycle tune up. (but really an education)

Its nice being home in Alabama. San Francisco was nice, but lacked a lot of the creature comforts I’d grown used to having in Alabama (space, for example.) When I left for the city 18 months ago, I left a motorcycle that wouldn’t turn over and a stripped out airstream. I haven’t shown photos of the airstream, because its a very slow moving project and isn’t very pretty to look at. I had been (and currently am still) living in it, at a friends house. Its a fairly symbiotic relationship, and is energy self sufficient with a 130watt solar array on the roof, but enough about that.

The motorcycle was in bad shape. The carbs were pretty torn up. I suspect the rust in the tank is/was the culprit. I also flipped the bars over to give the bike a more streamlined look and recovered the seat. Despite the aesthetic improvements, I have been dealing with a 400lbs paper weight until recently. After replacing the points, rebuilding the carbs, sealing the tank, rebuilding the top end of the motor, and putting the original points back on, I have a working (mostly) motorcycle. A big thanks to google, and the numerous community forums supporting these old honda twins. What you are looking at now is a bike that runs. It’s still not charging, and I can’t figure out the problem. The good news is that in the past two years, someone has identified a cheap modern replacement for the rectifier/regulator. It’s off a low end John Deere lawn tractor and can by picked up on amazon for $22. I’ll be trying that next.

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