Bike Builds

1970s Raleigh Gran Prix

This build was a restoration for my mother who hadn’t ridden in 10+ years. The bicycle was originally set up with road drop bars, ribbon tape, and a 2×5 drivetrain with down-tube shifters. She wanted to pull the bike out of the basement to use it for light commuting and leisure riding. Mom and Dad had just retired and were interested in experimenting with being a single car family. Based on mom’s age and her intended use for the bike, I decided to make a few small changes to suit her needs. I first added some beautiful hammered aluminum fenders to keep her dry in damp road conditions.

I also swapped her road drops for city bars to offer up a less aggressive riding style. I then replaced her 2×5 drivetrain with a larger ratio 1×7 index system. With no desire to ride competitively, the seven-speed rear would give her all the range she needed while greatly simplifying shifting. Lastly, I decided to tie it all together with cushioned brown synthetic bar tape and a matching brooks sprung saddle. She is now zipping around town in style with ease.

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