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1988 Stumpjumper – Commuter Conversion

A couple of my fellow staff mechanics at the Bike Kitchen couldn’t help but realize that the old rigid mountain bikes had excellent touring geometry. This stump-jumper was a good candidate for conversion.¬†Unfortunately, the bike was about 5cm too short for me, but with a 280mm riser stem and substantial seat post, it puts the bars comfortably within reach. With an ample range of gears and an upright riding position riding this bike can be equated to sitting on the couch eating a bag of potato chips. Even serious climbs are reduced to a “whatever, man. We’ll get there eventually” attitude. Unfortunately, the Axiom front pannier racks are only designed to be used with the less common second rack braze on. With a little machining, they are manageable but need some sort of cross support to carry substantial loads. As is, this little bugger hauled in 64lbs of food for the Supermarket Street Sweep. Not shabby at all.

UPDATE: I found an old TREK 900 frame under my buddies house that was my size so I swapped everything over to make this beast. You are looking at 90lbs of bike and gear. It’s a wonderful workhorse of a machine.

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