Screen Printing

I spent a lot of time working in a screen printing shop in Auburn Alabama. Client requests were an interesting challenge, and we were encouraged to create our own custom designs for the store front. We even had a brush with the CLC in my creative adaption of the Auburn University Mascot into a Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” stance. (out of respect for their request that we remove the images from the internet, this CBS article is all that remains)


The above image was a concept for a shop t-shirt. The owner decided that making uniforms would negatively impact the eclectic image of the shop (especially considering that we were already exclusively wearing shop made shirts of our own will) The vector art was created based on my original sketches of our specific process and equipment at the shop. While this shirt may be produced in the future, the project was tabled at the time.


The above shirt started its life as a family reunion T-shirt. The family wanted something fun for their “Scarlett Family Reunion” for which they had been using the tag line “It’s Raining Scarlett” for the past few years. We really liked the art (though it was red ink on a white t shirt, and looked a little bit like something out of Exodus) and asked them if we could re-use it to make a shirt for the store. The sheep and sun were added afterward to round out the shirt for in store sales.


I designed this shirt for the 555th who was an Aircraft Maintenance Unit deployed overseas. They had a few things that they were looking for (they specifically mentioned that they were affectionately called the “triple nickel” on base, and pointed me towards an album cover that they all felt was similar to the feel they were looking for. In the end, they were very happy with the design. I include it as an example of work that is outside my own aesthetic interests and preferences.


This last shirt is a great example of doing a lot with a little. Our shop was limited to a 4 color press, which allows you to do full-color process prints on white, but can be very limiting if you want to work with any other shirt as a base color. A big part of my job was taking client requests and performing half-tone magic to get the desired color variations at an acceptable price point. This shirt was my own design. My college friend, Lawson Kight, has an incredible sense of humor and mentioned off hand that he was starting to “mix fresh beats” as DJ Bass Bass. I couldn’t help but to put this graphic together, and then realized that Auburn Alabama was probably the perfect storm of college going fishermen who love to listen to dub step. We put this on a t shirt, and they sold like hotcakes. The Challenge with this shirt was to get a good color in the lighter greens while achieving a darker green where needed. I achieved this by varying where we printed white underneath the green, effectively giving us two green colors for the price of one. These shirts are still for sale on the stamp website, here. You will notice that we also played with the shirt color which has some crazy effects on the art, and gives you insight into the process.