Motorcycle Rewire.

“It was bound to happen, and one night it did. Papa came home and it was just us kids.” (enough with the 90s Garth Brooks Lyrics)

Alabama is pretty lax on what is required to make a motorcycle street legal. It comes down to brake lights and a single rear view mirror. The bike still isn’t charging (or, at least, doesn’t stay charged when it’s on.) I’m wondering if there is a short in the system somewhere. I started chasing wires with a multimeter but got fed up with the complexity of the system. Without a good charging system, the starter is just dead weight (I don’t want to waste precious battery starting a 356CC engine that I can just as easily kick over) and the blinkers and horn don’t exist. At this point – many of these wires are incredibly redundant.

I managed to simplify the wiring harness considerably. It helped not having all of the bells and whistles that honda originally included. The internet seemed to have a lot of original diagrams and a bunch of “minimum needed to run” diagrams. I basically split the difference. The only change I may make is the ability to run the tail light without the headlight on. The headlight eats a lot of power. If I can’t beef up the charging system to compensate, it will be nice to be able to kill the headlight at stop lights without risking being rear-ended with the tail-light off.

I rewired the whole bike with 14Ga wire to help support the HID headlight conversion I’ve ordered. The factory switch isn’t rated for the amperage and has a bunch of extra controls, so I’m waiting on an all weather switch to convert the headlight. I also relocated the key to under the seat. The original location didn’t support having multiple keys on the chain, and the removal of the starter solenoid made plenty of space for an ignition. The next step will be pulling apart the stator to see if the charging problems are originating there. The rectifier didn’t make any difference (thought the old one tested as bad). All in all the bike looks good and is fun to ride.

photo of the bike being used as a side reference to how many weeds were cleared out of the back yard

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