My paint is here.

I have paint, which means that I can get started (I mean, I’ve been sanding the surface rust off of this Dawes for a few weeks now, and even put a coat of khaki automotive paint on over the sandable primer. But now its time to paint things. I’ve also been able to clean up the vintage Campagnolo record gear I didn’t use on the Simoncini.

I also lucked out on this Campagnolo record headset. My co-worker at Jimmy Johns delivers on his specialized carbon/aluminum race bike and the frame snapped in half while he was riding it. (I only trust steel to avoid this problem, but I’ve still had a steel frame snap in half) The good news is that he is a bike hoarder much like myself and already has a replacement frame. The other good news is that I had a Shimano race headset on hand that had a lower stack height, allowing him to use his old fork on the new frame. He gave me this beautiful Campagnolo headset out of the goodness of his heart (in Alabama, bikers like to take care of each other.)

As you can see – both clean up very nicely. The cleaning product I used took the black paint accents off of the cranks, but I’m thinking of something that will replace that nicely. The frame is getting copper highlights on the lugs. The paint I’m using is mostly copper flakes and epoxy. The whole point is to put it on your tin roof and let the copper patina (a cheaper alternative to purchasing copper roof bits . . . which is very expensive.) I am going to clear coat the frame to keep the lugs from gathering a patina, but the fenders should look very nice in that statue of liberty green.

As you can see, I’m also painting the CB360 tank. I personally like the stock honda graphics so I’ll paint those on after I can coerce the copper paint into going green. The inspiration for both of these is a friend of mine from undergrad who painted his entire BMW with this stuff. It had a great effect. Perhaps something about the humidity down here isn’t having the same effect. I’m going to have to experiment with different acids to spray on the copper to expedite its oxidation.

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