Progress on the Dawes

The Dawes is starting to look like a bicycle. I realized that the seat I had purchased was much more “race” than “comfort” (though I hear that even the sportiest brooks saddle is a very nice ride). A good friend of mine traded me some bike bits for it, and I’ve ordered a sprung replacement. Until then, here we are. I didn’t have a great experience spraying the clear coat on this bike. It went on too thin and I’m worried that it won’t be as effective as advertised due to my shortcomings in the application process. I’ve come to accept that I am not a painter and that paying someone to paint for me is a valuable use of resources. That being said – the bike is starting to shape up.

I polished the imperfections out of the stem and seat post, and both are looking show room ready. I also mentioned my friends BMW which inspired the use of this paint in the first place. I’ve included a photo below. It is still one of my favorite vehicle improvements to date.

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