Starter Delete – CB360

Well – the starter never worked . . . in fact, it was the culprit in all of my charging woes. It turns out that the starter cog had come off and was bouncing around on the stator degrading the wire insulation. Anyway – It was dead weight at this point. Its not hard to kick over a 360 and i didn’t wire the starter into the new wiring harness. It had to go – the problem was that it would leave a gaping hole in my oil reservoir. My friend Jon and I came up with this solution. It is threaded and bolts in from the inside of the pan. We used sufficient thread-locker to keep it in place so that I won’t have to unbolt the side pan to retighten it. I like the clean look of the install, but it brings to light how overdue the rest of the block is for cleaning.

CB Starter Delete

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