I’ve been accumulating parts

I’ve been hunting for scrambler pipes for a while and I bit the bullet on a pair a few months ago. They didn’t come with mufflers, but I tracked a pair down through google image search (what were the odds) It ended up that a guy who outbid me on an excellent scrambler exhaust was only interested in the pipes. I shot him an email and he offered to send me the mufflers for the cost of shipping. If you’d like to see all of the hard work he has done on his CB360, check out his blog. It’s not safe for work, so I won’t link it here, but the address is www.hondabrat.com. I was excited about the mufflers arriving in the mail, and I test fit the downpipes. (photo above) Please excuse the long red wire. It’s wired to the kill switch on the engine. I’m planning on replacing the handlebars and I don’t want to trim the wires until I’m happy with what I’ve got. Cutting down wires is a one way street you know.

CB Hand Controls

I also installed a new starter switch and throttle. The originals¬†had extra controls that weren’t being used with the new wiring harness. (such as the starter button.) The new one has a starter button too, but I’ve hooked it up to the horn (this is the first time I’ve had a horn) I have trouble hearing it, so I’m not sure it does any good other than being a legal necessity in some states.

I chose a red grip on the throttle to match all of the other forward control inputs. (it only seemed fitting.) You can also see that I’m dry fitting a new tank. This is a CB450 tank. It is a bit larger and holds an additional gallon of fuel. I like the way it looks on the bike and will enjoy the extra 45 miles I get between tanks. I still need to fill in the dents, seal the internal rust, and paint it, but I thought I should mock it up before doing all of the work.

CB tank controlsHere is a full shot of the new tank. The next steps will be to truncate the frame just behind the shocks and to shorten the seat. You can see the temporary tail light that has replace the triumph light that jumped ship on the trip to Akron. It will be replaced by a ford model A tail light at the axle on the side we are looking at. I threw together a sketch of what I’m striving towards. The front brake is under-represented, but I’m happy with the overall result. The sketch was done without underlays, from memory, so some of the bits are most likely off.

CB sketch

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