Grado Rebuild

gradosr60(SR60 – same construction as SR80 with lower quality speakers)

I purchased these headphones in 2007 and they have continued to sound better than anything else I have listened to. Unfortunately, I’m hard on things so the connections wore out before the cans. About two years ago I rewired them to accept a male to male headphone auxiliary cable. I had a pair of broken iPhone earbuds and soldiered them into an auxiliary cable with iPhone remote and microphone. It was one of the ugliest things I’ve made but it worked great for about 18 months before wearing out. (not bad for a prototype) Lucky for me, Beats by dre has revised their headphones to use an aux cable with integrated volume and mic. Their replacement cables are well built and cost me $20. They are well worth it.


The plastic pieces holding the cans had finally snapped in half. The juncture with the metal post is a weak point. I milled the replacements out of aluminum. There are a couple kinks I need to work out. The leather headband is too heavy and needs to be redesigned and made out of thinner leather. I think a more invasive redesign would be advantageous. I have the tools available in the Mechanical engineering machine shop.


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