Goin Out West

What a month – I graduated, married an amazing woman, and drove a very moderately sized Honda to Arizona with all of my stuff boxed up behind it. Chelsea was even sweet enough to come along for the ride.

In an attempt to make the most of it (why would you ever make anything less?) we decided to have a lot of fun along the way.

First and foremost I was nominated by my peers to be the student speaker for our departmental graduation ceremony. It was a great honor to be chosen, and I was proud to be given the opportunity to stand in front of so many amazing graduates, and their families to talk about our experiences together.

After graduation, I had a week or so to kill, so instead of packing, I painted my trailer.

The roommates wanted to help, so they took a crack at the other side. The idea was to use the trailer as a sort of guest book for the wedding.

Our wedding was wonderfully intimate, and went perfectly. Both families got along. It rained up until the ceremony which cooled off the sticky South Carolina air. It stopped raining 20 minutes before and didn’t rain again until we left two days later. The wedding playlist lasted longer than the party, and we got to commit our lives to each other in front of the people who we care about most in the world.

From there I had a bittersweet goodbye. Monty (my roommate and great friend from Pittsburgh) caught a train to the wedding and was heading back to Pittsburgh. It was hard dropping him off. The Charleston Train Station looks like the setting for zombie TV shows and isn’t anywhere near Charleston (who would have guessed that a town this old has a train station that is in the middle of the burbs)

After Charleston, We spent a few days in my hometown. I got to catch up with a few close friends who couldn’t make the wedding, and we went sailing with my folks. Afterwards, we headed to New Orleans to grab some great food and see some great art. We stayed with some family friends who showed us amazing hospitality and an amazing time. They live in one of the best neighborhoods, near Oak Street. We stopped for coffee on our way out to Austin to spend an evening with Chelsea’s Uncle Greg.

Whatever that 2 hour stretch of back country roads west of Austin was . . . that was by far my favorite part of our drive out. Who knew I’d like Texas so much. We found this very silly vase at the NOMA and picked it up. The flowers are from Uncle Greg’s yard, and make driving across the country a much more pleasant experience. In this picture, the vase is being held in place with doubled up packing tape. I purchased some velcro from CVS to do a slightly more elegant solution. Really, just a nice recessed ring to match the base would cover 90% of the lateral forces of a cross country drive.

We skipped New Mexico (we didn’t it was beautiful, but at this point we were going for broke. Home felt too close to slow down for photos)

Home at last!

If you are looking for a graphic designer/ industrial designer/ product developer (atoms, not bytes) in the Phoenix Area – I’m here and I want to talk to you. I may be the very person you are looking for.

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