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I have to speak for a moment about how impressed I am with the online community of people who own Honda Elements. They’ve amassed quite a bit of information and have done quite a few amazing things with their little Hondas. I’m most impressed with the people who are turning them into micro-campers, but there are also folks putting higher powered engines in them, and adding a 6th gear to the transmission, or even intermittent wiper settings

So the things I did to my element today were not very time-consuming or new. In fact, It was like grown up legos. Look at the pictures and follow instructions. First – I tied the side markers to the turn signals so that the small yellow triangle lights (seen above the front wheel in the picture above) blink with the blinkers. I like this because a: why wouldn’t they, and B: people sitting right next to me now know if I’m trying to change lanes.

Second I rewired the rear auxiliary power outlet to be always on. This was a problem on our last camping trip, as we had to idle the car to charge our electronics . . . It is not a problem anymore.

Lastly – I rewired both doors to unlock the first time you hit the key fob. This was a bit more of an exercise in contortionism.  Because of that – there were not any good pictures, so I went to the trouble of shooting some pictures for everyone who tries this in the future. Again, my only contribution here is photographs to illustrate the process.

photo 5

Tools needed: Chair, Needle Nose Pliers, 10mm Socket, Wire Cutters, and Headlamp (The extra flashlight didn’t really help much.) Not shown is a red wiretap (for 16-22 ga wire).

photo 1

The chair is here to keep your back from breaking in half.  You will be forcing your head against the brake and gas pedals to get to the back of the fuse box.

The wires you are trying to get to are in the “M” connector. Specifically M8 and M9. The 8 is solid yellow (just like the other two right next to it.) and the M9 is Yellow/Green.

photo 2
looking up from under the steering wheel.

To get to it, you will really want to pull this 10mm bolt. It will allow you to swing the entire fuse box forward to get a better angle on the M connector. You will want to pull the M connector out so that you can see which wires you are modifying.

This was taken with my phone. I couldn’t actually see this. you are pretty much going at this blind.

To do this, you will have to depress the tab shown here. I had a small flathead, but it didn’t fit in the tight space, so I just used my hand.



You can see (from the top down) yellow, yellow, yellow, then yellow/green. I am going to be modifying the yellow/green wire and the adjacent yellow wire (M8 & M9)


At this point, I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, so I leave enough wire to patch it up if I’ve made a mistake.


and patched. The wire you want to tap into is the half that is away from the connector.

Plug it back in and you are done.

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