Reversible USB

I couldn’t sleep. I just knew that USB cords didn’t have to be one directional . . . so I hacked apart an old USB cable, and a credit card to prove my concept:

which was exciting. I thought to myself “I could make a working prototype by hand, cover it in paracord sleeve to cover up my soldering work, and crimp brass ends on it and I’d have something that was worthy for a Kickstarter video: By that point, let the people decide if it’s a good idea or not.”

So I take this exciting news to work and my graphic designer tells me the idea has already been funded (a few days ago in fact.)


The take away from this is to keep the gears turning. The ideas are good (almost half a million dollars agree with me on this). I bought one (obviously, because they are brilliant, and solve a problem that has kept me up at night at least once.) and if you hate flipping over your cable, then you should too (or if you hate breaking charge cables . . . I’m hard on mine and go through them rather quickly. BelayCords have a lifetime guarantee.)

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