Fork Seal Replacement…

The forks on the CB 360 were dry and bottomed out over minor bumps. I finally got around to pulling them apart and checking to be sure nothing was bent. Left side is good. I suspect the right side will be good as well. Someone on the web suggested heat to get the old seals out and it was absolutely necessary. Thank you saint of motorcycle maintenance.

The nice thing about this project is that no one seems to care about this model anymore. They aren’t fetching anything on craigslist. I was getting pretty fed up with this bike and was fixing it to sell it. It being practically worthless at this point means that I’ve got no incentive to get rid of it. Without that incentive I no longer feel rushed to get it back on the road. Now I actually enjoy working on it again. It’s really nice.

Maybe she will be back on the road by 2017. That would be fun for me. IMG_9318

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