American Emperor

Product Development

Junior Chair Project: Undergraduate School

despite looking uncomfortable and unstable, American Emperor is quite the opposite. The seat of American Emperor has been sanded for optimum ergonomics while the vertical planks on the back straddle the spine to provide back support. while the appearance chastises the instability and opulence of American growth, the chair still embodies the singular goal most responsible for it; comfort.

The Materials themselves speak to this very discourse between old and new, resources and industry. The Pine, a native wood is under constant stress from the cables, which are incapable of giving support, only taking.

The height of American Emperor provides mobility issues. While the majority of chairs are moved often, American Emperor persistently resists change. The height also gives the chair a sort of swagger. The chair doesn’t fit the room, the room fits the chair. American Emperor simply is, despite everything that says it shouldn’t be.

the poster features Kelly W. in a 1950s house dress from
Casablanca Vintage – Photo by Christopher Plaskett – Art
Direction by Ben Lewis.


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