Connected Kitchen for Millennials

Business Strategy, Design Thinking, Product Development

BEAM: a project funded by Jarden Consumer Solutions

We were tasked with the problem of figuring out what millennials want out of their kitchen appliances. Millennials are identified as   18-32 year-olds (give or take two years depending on who you ask) in developed countries. This demographic is tricky. There are a few key statistics that seemed to alarm non-millennials: They don’t have savings, they make informed decisions to make less money, they aren’t getting as married, and they don’t stick with jobs (all relatively speaking. – this is a placeholder until I uncover our citations. Thank you for your patience.)  So what do we do with this generation? We would really like to sell them things (and as a Millenial, I love being sold things.)

Well There are 70 million millennials in the US alone, which is a bit of a bear for a human-centered research project, so we narrowed it down considerably to transitional millennials: This subset of millennials has settled into a post-college job and is transitioning out of a college lifestyle into the next phase of their lives: We qualified transitional millennials as people between 18 and 35 who have started a career, become married, or purchased a home within the past 18 months. Jared identified this segment as the most willing to make new purchases in the kitchen compared to other Millenials.

After our initial research. we found that the most likely use of kitchen appliances for millennials was for entertaining and that the current offerings had a huge gap in enabling social interaction while cooking (we aren’t talking about Facebook here.)

This video was created to tell the story of millennial pain points with existing kitchen appliances:

Promotional Video

The last portion of the project centered on creating and testing solutions (a story that is told well in the first video). We shot and edited the video below as a product promotional video that we created as a consumer-facing commercial/intro to the project.  I stuck to the side of the camera I was more comfortable with, If you are interested in a great videographer, check out Anthony Prats who directed both of these videos. I am very comfortable with voice over work, however. Let me know what you need.

Read through our final report here

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