H.O.G. (hand of God)

Product Development

Shred Ready approached me to redesign their H.O.G.; an adjustable helmet fit system. The old system was expensive and required two hands to operate. For the new design, they wanted a single dial ratchet system.

My solution uses two simple injection molded pieces to house the strap and ratchets with a rubber over-molded dial. Shred Ready wanted their logo predominantly located on the new H.O.G. but the constant reorientation of the dial through use made it an awkward place for a large logo. I overcame this by rotating several iterations of the logo to ensure that one was always upright. The edges of the logo also provide a tactile texture making the dial easier to grasp with winter gloves or wet hands. The rubber over-molded around the logos provides texture and grip as well as a visual color pop.

From here I created detailed CAD files so that my client could source production from china. This resulted in overcoming language barriers through descriptive visual communication and detailed CAD drawings. The redesign not only provided a more universal design but reduced production costs by over 50% per helmet ($2 savings) which will help this small business compete in their competitive space.