High Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker

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This project was designed as an intermediate skill builder for TechShop. The 12 hour class leads makers through the process of building this speaker enclosure, wiring the electronics, and laser cutting the faceplate. The enclosure build teaches the advanced use of multiple woodshop tools, high tolerance cuts on the laser cutter and basic soldering. The center button is a facade that actuates the amplifiers power button, teaching maker’s not to settle for the hardware that is available to them off the shelf.

The 100 watt amplifier needed to be scaled down to accommodate the 15 watt 3″ hifi speakers. This was accomplished by limiting the power supply to 2A. This cuts the power to 12 watts per channel, demonstrating an applied use for Ohm’s law for maker’s unfamiliar with electronics engineering.

Tools Utilized: art by 40owls
Laguna Jointer
Laguna Planer
SawStop Table Saw
Dewalt Miter Saw
Drill Press
Disk Sander
ULS Laser Cutter
Acrylic Sheet Bender
Soldering Iron


a special thanks to the Kovaleskis for letting me use their beautifully curated home as the location for this shoot. The art pictured above is from the Fortoul Brothers in Phoenix, AZ 

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