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I’m really excited to speak with you about your project. The information below will help me understand your needs and start a conversation around the ways that we may be able to work together. In my past experiences, the earlier a client brings me onto a project the more value the project sees from my involvement. Sometimes a few scattered consulting hours early in a project can double or triple the positive effects with minimal added costs.Frog-When-to-Hire-LG

A good starting point for rates is as follows, but can vary based on industry, project location, duration, and deadline:

Research and Strategy: $120/hr
Human Centered Product Design:
Brand Development:
Graphic Design:

I am also seeking candidates in need of design work that are not able to pay market rates. If you would like to inquire about fully or partially donated consulting time, please fill out the form above. You may note that you are interested in being considered for full or partial pro-bono time anywhere within the form.


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