Industrial design professional with 8 years experience in rapid visualization, over a decade of experience with 3D computer modeling, and a functional understanding of mechanical interactions. Look to strengthen and expand consumer loyalty by innovations in consumer/product relationships, research, and collaboration.


Master of Product Development | Innovative Product Development | Pittsburgh, PA | May ’14
Carnegie Mellon | Tepper School of Business/ College of Engineering/ School of Design
Student Elected Speaker for Institute Graduation Ceremony

Business Operations Leader | Business Fundamentals at CMU | Pittsburgh, PA | Fall ’13
Managing a team of 5 Carnegie Mellon graduate students in an in depth business simulation covering finance reports, cash flow, factory production and market research. The simulation is being run against 5 teams of CMU graduate students. My team established itself as the quality leader, to ensure a sustainable increase of company equity and a protected product market.

Bachelor of Science in Design | Product Design | Cincinnati, OH | Jun ’08
University of Cincinnati | School of Design Architecture Art and Planning


Strategic Initiatives Fellow| Arizona State University | Scottsdale, AZ | Aug ’14 – present
Working on a team that prototypes, validates, and refines academic and community programs in the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Through iteration we are able to identify effective programs to advance the Greater Phoenix entrepreneurial ecosystem. Working in a balance of full team collaboration, and individual project ownership. Expertise and primary roles have been with competitor discovery, user research and analysis, idea generation workshops, project advocacy, and concept communication.

Design Thinking Evangelist: I believe that design thinking is as essential a skill for problem solving as math is integral to engineering. Because of this I have been working to evangelize design thinking as a core skill. Through various programs offered by our office I have presented design thinking workshops for educators, corporate managers and secondary school students (7th-12th grade) as well as integrating it into my course curriculum.

Instructor in an interdisciplinary course: Working through iterations of curriculum centered around idea development. This course leans heavily on the tenants of iterative prototyping, the Lean Startup Methodology and User-Centered Design Thinking to serve as a gateway drug into the ASU student entrepreneurial ecosystem. By leveraging project-based learning we encourage students to validate and develop their ideas into self-sufficient products and services. main roles lie in encouragement, trouble-shooting, and connecting students with resources and mentors to accelerate self directed learning.

Co-Founder| LUV-Water | Pittsburgh, PA | Oct ’13 – April ’14
Working to address a global humanitarian problem. Developing a business and marketing strategy to guide concept development and product release. Valuation of $100,000 on Feb ’14

Design and Production Consultant | Ben Lewis Creative | Various | Mar ’09 – present
Developed a one piece display fixture through research and innovation to interface with both of the predominant retail display systems. This doubled production volume to reduce per unit cost. Used visual communication to convey complex ideas to Chinese factories, ensuring original design intent and product quality. Redesigned a helmet fit system, reducing the cost by over 50%. The result is a universal design which is operable with only one hand. Conceived, developed, and implemented a holistic brand solution for a high end apparel start up that spans the physical product, website interface, and social media.

Senior Graphic Designer | Stamp | Auburn, AL | Mar ’11 – Feb ’13
Creatively combined existing production methods to meet customer’s design expectations and project budgets. Revitalized social media to expand our sales beyond our local market, earning national recognition on a sports blog with 23.4M unique hits per month.

Founder | Plainsman Bikes | Auburn, AL | Oct ’10 – Jun ’12
Funded, organized, marketed, and managed a non profit bike shop start up. Publicly presented our values and services to the Auburn City Council to successfully battle legislation that stood in conflict with our mission statement. I worked closely with the Planning and Zoning Office to explore possible locations for the shop.

Lead Mechanic | The Bike Kitchen | San Francisco, CA | Oct ’09 – Oct ’10
Managed mechanics to operate and maintain a bicycle coop serving an average of 35 patrons every 5 hour shift. Directed up to a dozen volunteers to optimize shop efficiency.

Currently available for inquires and interviews for a full time position or innovation consulting.

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