Design Thinking Workshops

Design Thinking Workshop Overview:

Design thinking workshops introduce a creative non-linear problem-solving process focused on designing meaningful solutions. These workshops help teams in corporations, nonprofit organizations, academic units and other organizations solve both complex and simple problems. This process has been used successfully by public and private institutions to improve product and service offerings, internal processes, and stakeholder experiences. The process focuses on human-centered design and multi-disciplinary co-creation to uncover entrenched pain points and produce novel and insightful solutions. Many solutions discovered through design thinking have grown through implementation and execution into innovations that fundamentally change the way that entire industries operate.

The goal of these workshops is to inject design thinking into teams by applying the design thinking process to an immediate problem. Problems that work well for design thinking process may have vague metrics for success, poorly performing existing solutions or exist in an area that the client has limited prior experience with/in. The outcome of this injection of the design thinking process is greater clarity of direction and action that activates and delights key stakeholders with improved value capture.

Primary Clients:

While the design thinking process has been broadly applied with extensive success, our program focuses on working with existing organizations to reinvigorate creativity and instill a spirit of intrapreneurship[1] within extant teams.

Program Benefits:

    • The addition of a new approach to addressing particularly difficult and entrenched problems and pain points;
    • The reinvigoration of your team’s momentum and energy through creative problem-solving and a shift in perspective;
    • An outside perspective on solving problems and identifying solutions that your team may be too close to in order to fully identify; and
    • An expansion of the quantity and (as a function of increased quantity) quality of solutions available to tackle your organization’s problems.
The materials presented in the design thinking workshops are built upon the work of various thought leaders in the field of design. This segment provides a brief history of design thinking to provide a foundation for our workshops as well as familiarization with key terms and tasks used throughout the design thinking process.
Design thinking centers around empathy for key stakeholders. Having a developed sense of empathy helps drive and focus teams towards solving meaningful problems in impactful ways. In this workshops team members will apply human centered research best practices to develop a solution to one of a co-workers existing problems.
The key to an innovative solution is a well-defined problem. This segment outlines best practices for problem exploration and definition. By starting the discovery process with the right problem, teams will be able to work towards the most innovative solution.
Writer’s block is common in any team whose success lies in a steady stream of novel ideas. This segment helps teams remove creative blockers and tap into an unfettered highly focused creativity.
The bulk of these segments are tailored towards addressing customer facing products or services as well as specific internal practices. This segment focuses on adapting the principles and processes of design thinking to the structure of an organization’s core business functions enabling them to activate new customers and create more value.
The risk of transferring personal beliefs and experience into research results is a common stumbling block for organizations. This segment focuses on the best practices for ensuring that problem research and idea validation are efficient, effective and human focused.
 The design thinking process was created to establish meaningful direction in uncertain situations. While progressing through the design thinking process, a problem and solution become more defined until the solution is launched. This segment reapplies design thinking principles to the development of successful launches to ensure that their evolution remains human focused and impactful.
 The goal of the design thinking workshop is to learn design thinking for the purpose of identifying and solving the problems that an organization faces. This segment allows the immediate application of the design thinking process towards a current problem of the organization’s choosing under the supervision and facilitation of design thinking experts.
Workshops vary in cost (typically from $750 to $5,000)2 and can range from a half-day program to multiple day events. Cost is marginally dependent on the number of participants, but workshops have diminishing returns per employee after the 12th participant. We suggest a minimum workshop of four participants.

2) Pricing does not include the cost of necessary expenses related to travel, lodging and meals during the workshop.

[1] entrepreneurial activities within established institutions

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  • Greetings Mr. Lewis,
    I found about this wonderful opportunity from our colleague at Neolight, Vivek. He recommended us to attend this workshop, as we are in the same ship as them. Sential is a medical device manufacturing company looking to make Automated Chest Compression devices to administer CPR. We got accepted into the Edson Cohort for this year and working under Mike Baab as our Venture Manager.
    We are in the rapid prototypying phase and would love to attend this workshop to more channelize our creativity towards our design process. I was wondering, as an Edson team will there be any discounts to attend this workshop. Currently the fees that I see mentioned here is a little out of reach. Any help in this regard will be wonderful and I am really looking forward to your reply and potentially attending this workshop.

    CEO, Sential LLC

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