ACAB corduroy bucket hat


lavender storm grey corduroy bucket cap with ACAB spam patch. $75 of each purchase goes towards abolitionist organizing in Phoenix

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ACAB in the style of the spam logo on a trendy corduroy bucket hat. It’s pretty fitting because cops are trash that everyone seems to love despite all the things that are obviously and notoriously wrong with them (just like spam). Why are our comfort foods the ones designed to kill us? Maybe we will get to sit down and talk about that some day. 

You are purchasing this hat because you like it, but you are also purchasing this hat to invest in the dismantling of the carceral state. You cannot choose to do one without the other. We are not giving you that option. $75 from each sale will go directly to directly impacted led abolitionist organizations. Only 7 are being sold to the public. Once they are gone they are gone and will not be re-released. Shipping is extra because Black folks and postage still ain’t free. The cost breakdown of the $125 is listed below:

$75 from each sale is given directly to directly impacted abolitionist organizations without an expectation of reporting or  a particular use.

  • CAHOKIA: an indigenous led social tech and art space that serves as a platform for creative placekeeping.
  • BLMPHXMetro: a Black, Queer, and Femme led organization, that centers Black people who are the most impacted and marginalized because we believe ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER. We build solidarities with other colonized folks in the Global South to end imperial rule.
  • Semillas Arizona: We are a grass roots organization based in Tempe Arizona, founded and led by undocumented people for the liberation of undocumented people.

$15.50 from each sale is spent on purchasing hats to modify to become ACAB hats.
$   3.75 is spent on custom hardware and embroidery to transform the sourced hat into an ACAB hat.
$   2.50 goes to PayPal for handling the money.
$   4.30 goes to state, county and city taxes on the $50 that isn’t going to abolitionist orgs.
$ 23.95
 pays for the labor of the artist, covers the cost of materials purchased in bulk such as the hats, hardware, and embroidery, and the remainder funds future projects. I’m losing money on this project until I sell the first three ACAB bucket hats. Regardless of profitability, the $75 is donated abolitionist organizations after each individual sale. 

This is a wearable piece of art. It is a limited edition run. It will not go on sale and it will not be made again. If you regret your purchase before it ships I will refund you the purchase price less the donation made on your behalf to Black abolitionist organizers. Once the item is in the hands of the post, it’s yours and you own it. 

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