My name is Ben. I invent products that have meaning beyond their purpose. I am an abolitionist, tinkerer, fabricator, and artist. My medium is the world that surrounds me. Thank you for visiting my website.

You really want to know more about ben?
That’s fine, I guess.

Ben tried to thrive in academia, but the Academy couldn’t accommodate critique

Ben tried to thrive in capitalism but capitalism was much to soulless to go anywhere.

are you bad
at being bad?

It sucks to suck, but do you suck at sucking? That could really be holding you back. Maybe you need someone to show you how to be good at being bad. That’s something I’m exceptional at doing.

Does this all
seem unfinished?

it is. The work never stops. I was growing 10 years ago and I’ll be dead or growing 10 years from now. See what happens next.