free sketch of a 1975 Honda Cl360 Scrambler custom
Concept converting CB360 vintage motorcycle into an electric vehicle. Study of body and battery fairing to increase range for highway use
study of CB360 electric conversion utilizing factory tank to weather protect electronics and a honda accord hybrid motor to direct drive the rear wheel. Bags and fairings integrating expanded battery were removable to increase range comfort and storage for longer trips
a rough sketch for a concept promotional sticker to include with brass knuckle motorcycle clutch lever and bicycle brake levers.
never produced concept for promotional stickers for the brass knuckle motorcycle control lever AKA KNCKL BRKR
a high end leather company concept i worked on with classmates in school.
refined logo based on the previous sketch
 self portrait of me in my first car dragging magnesium knuckles on the ground to make sparks. I would often grab the front of the rear wheel well while driving and often thought I might knick my knuckles on the road if I weren't careful. The car was unmodified
inktober sketch of a zenith TV i recalled from my youth. Its the one we watched christian videos on while my parents were at choir practice.
automatice vacuum self-cleaning car seat
What if a honda ridgeline had a custom built 5th wheel travel trailer? Then we would all be free.
life drawing class  a little neurodivergent burst of boredom/creativity
detail of life drawing AKA Lady Justice is bored with us
a celebration of Orca whales joining the class-war on the side of the masses
park feature rough ideation sketches
quick sketch for a flyer to promote phoenix bike polo
throw a molotov at a cop; weather he crooked or not
rough ideation of an augmented prefab metal workshop to satisfy historic preservation
illustrator render of previous sketch from the street
micro travel trailer sketch
new banjo. do we draw on it? if so, what do we draw on it? 

Latest copy: "This Machine Defangs Fascism"
Friend sent me a weird sex toy on indigogo. You push your balls through a dildo and then penetrate someone with your balls. Unsolicited, I made this ikea style graphic for them and sent it to them. They never even responded.

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