ben does

ben has created plenty to get here and mostly didn’t keep track of it all. This is a selection of work without any particular explanation. Sometimes I slide between the first and third person because I forget that I’m writing about me and just think about how ben is making this website up entirely as he goes along… Good going ben. you needed a website.

A cartoon tiger wearing a fedora and a green blazer with its paws up like an old timey boxer. The work is very impressive. The lines and shading are precise. No collegiate reputations were harmed in the making of this shirt.
a bearded man peers into the camera. He is wearing a jean jacket and a blue heather t shirt that reads "GOD LOVES FAGS" with the center of the O in God being shaped like a heart icon. The man appears to be standing in an airplane lavatory. I wonder if this was moments before or after that one time an unknown being on a flight from Oahu to Los Angeles stuffed a couple dozen pre-smoked cigarette butts into the ashtray on the door of the rear lavatory as a sort of statement on manufacturing, universality, and the inability to smoke on domestic US flights despite the existence of ashtrays all over the place. Anyway, people don't really appreciate a good airplane prank in the same way they used to.
you see a pen sketch on white printer paper. In this framing you see the shitty grey bic rollerball and an old clipboard with a few notes out of focus near the corner. The sketch itself is of an old honda motorcycle.  Here is a sketch of my motorcycle that looks almost exactly like my motorcycle. The linear perception of time makes it more interesting, but then sketching it was easier than building it. Have humans always drawn what we can't have?
An old orange motorcycle with a very bright white headlight sits in a field of grass covered in fall leaves. What could it mean? Was this the first time Ben conquered an electrical retrofit project with any success? Is it a moment of grounding as to how far this project motorcycle has actually come? Perhaps its nostalgia for greener grass and runnier motorcycles. It's hard to know... It's here and that in and of itself has meaning if you think about it.
you see a poorly lit pen sketch on a white sheet of copy paper. There is a crude cartoon of a white man in thick rimmed glasses with a square shaped beard and furry animal ears. The sketch is simple, but good. You appreciate it. Below are some square san-serif bold letters that read Lost CaT. I presume the artist is feeling a bit lost. These days he feels less lost but continues to seek. He's a curious cat, this one.
There are a pair of dark rimmed glasses (wayfairerers if you are a rayon fanatic) sitting on top of a metal tool that sort of looks like a nose. The tool itself is stainless steel and used to check bicycle chains for stretch. It references the old plastic nose mustache and glasses disguise. I think it's good to have a disguise ready just in case you need to disappear. As a social x-trovert I often need to make a silly scene or a eatheral exit.