ben is

Ben has spent his life learning how to conjure the conceptual and fabricate the farcical. He studies product design, art, music, and sculpture. He learned business administration and grassroots organizing. He works as comfortably with a budget as with a bandsaw or blowtorch. He learned everything he knows about engineering from a bicycle and has fabricated works in wood, metal, electronics, concrete, plastic, and assortments of manufactured bits.

His creative style extends beyond what is prudent and functional to what is fun and fantastical. Pieces struggle with his understanding, placement and critique of the society within which Ben lives, creates, and collaborates. Some projects were simple “sure why not” projects while others struggle with the utility of modern modes of making.

Embedded in Ben’s work is a playful critique of what is, what isn’t, and what should be. Support him by purchasing a limited edition piece or funding a future project.